Storm Prayer

As the first major storm of the autumn rolled in across the Atlantic towards North Cornwall, the following prayer was written this morning and said at our ‘Songs of Praise’ service.

O Lord, a  great storm approaches.  A storm of awesome strength and one of those terrible challenges which you place before the world from time to time.

Even with all our faith, in the space of just a few hours we do not expect you to perform the miracle of calming the waters, as you did with the Sea of Galilee.

However, in the coming hours and through the night we implore you please to perform countless little miracles.

We ask you:

        –  to prepare us for what is to come and to help us to batten down the hatches, both physically and mentally…

        –  where you are able,  to make if only small adjustments to the path of the storm in order to minimise harm to life, to buildings, to road, rail and air transport, as well as to crops and to animals…

         –to strengthen us all as individuals and as a community, but especially the emergency services and others whose lives are dedicated to saving and helping while the storm is at its height, and also afterwards.

         And when calm returns once again, we pray that you will help us all to help each other in the recovery process, which we know will be uncomfortable, sometimes heart-breaking and inevitably costly.

         And finally, to bless and protect this Church, which has been through it all many times before, and which we pray you will allow to remain as a strong and bright beacon of faith for everyone in Morwenstow and the surrounding area.

 O Lord, we thank you for listening. We place ourselves in your hands – and await whatever you demand of us.

AMEN                                                                                                                         (Bob Pirie)

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