November News …….

MORWENSTOW Women’s Institute Meeting was held at the W.I. Hall on Wednesday 11th November. After finalising arrangements for forthcoming events we were treated to a fascinating talk by David Kendrick about the work of the Pointman Institute, which is a charity that is faith based but gives secular training all over the world to a range of organisations including governments, police forces, the military and businesses on anti-corruption and ethical leadership, problems endemic to all regions of the world, including the U.K. It started twenty-one years ago and has a base on most continents. In total there are about sixty volunteers, mostly men, who themselves receive rigorous training before setting off to educate managers and leaders on issues such as integrity, loyalty, humility and diligence. At present they are working on ways to better assess the effectiveness of the training given. After refreshments Debbie Nicholls gave a report on her and Sandra Rowland’s attendance at the Autumn Countdown meeting in Truro, where the main speaker was Adam Hanson, from ‘Countryfile’, who gave a very interesting and amusing talk. Valerie Tape, Vice-President, then presented the prizes for the Autumn Show, which had attracted a good number of high-quality entries. Margaret Hanks won the Chrysanthemum Cup and was the overall winner, with Judith Ingram runner-up. The ‘Flower of the Month’ competition was won by Judith Ingram and Barbara Wickett was judged by our guest speaker to have baked the best shortbread.

A sombre, said Matins service was held at the Parish Church on Sunday at 9.30am. The Church still contained beautiful arrangements of red poppies with greenery. The service of Morning Prayer commenced with Worship Leader Richard Painter lighting a single candle, followed by two minutes silence to the memory of all those who were tragically killed in the Paris terrorist attacks on Friday evening and to think of their families and also the many that were injured. Lessons were read by Shorne Tilbey and the Vicar and the choir led the singing of the hymns. The offertory was taken up by John Cleave. The sermon was delivered by our Vicar, Rev Richard Ward-Smith, reminding us to do good works not just when we are being seen, but also when we are not.

DON’T FORGET rings of candles on the Advent Candle Tree will be lit each Sunday in Advent, commencing on Advent Sunday, 29th November. Charts for you to fill in which Sunday you wish to dedicate to the memory of a deceased loved one or something similar are at the rear of the Church and in the W.I. Room/Outreach Post Office. Simply fill in the chart and on the envelopes provided fill in further details and add a minimum £5 donation, seal and hand to Margaret Inch or Hilary Rogers. Donations this year are going to ‘Headway’.

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