A little news!

UNITED: The united service for May was held at the Parish Church at 9.30am on Sunday May 8th. Worship Leader Richard Painter led the service of Matins with Luke Francis playing the organ and the offertory was taken up by Frank Whitehead. Ray Simpson and his wife were holidaying in the area. Ray is the spiritual leader of the St Aiden and Hilda Order on the Isle of Lindisfarne and he gave the end of service blessing. The service was well attended.


ROGATION: A well attended service was held at 9.30am at the Parish Church on Rogation Sunday led by Sister Alison Hardy. Lessons were read by Richard Painter, the organist was Brenda Luxton and John Cleave took the offertory. Sister Alison spoke on sowing seeds of our faith to our neighbours outside the Church. Sister Alison administered Holy Communion assisted by Richard Painter.


FAREWELL: Several events took place in recent weeks honouring Morwenstow’s Vicar, the Rev. Richard Ward-Smith, and his wife, Lynne, upon their retirement. The most recent of these was a ‘bring and share’ tea party held at The Old Vicarage, home of Jill and Richard Wellby. The party, organised by Jill Wellby, Ginnie Painter, Dee Walker and other ladies and gentlemen from the Morwenstow congregation, was attended by between 40-50 guests. Highlight of the afternoon were presentations of a photograph of the Vicar with his dog, ‘Scout’, taken outside the Church by professional photographer, Bob Seymour from Shoreline Photographic Imagery in Hartland; a beautiful original pastel picture of a pair of donkeys, created by Dee Walker; a cheque, and a large bouquet of flowers for Lynne. The presentation was made on behalf of the Parochial Church Council (PCC), by Shorne Tilbey.



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