Epiphany letter from Bishop Tim

As we enter the second year of our Diocesan Development Plan “Confidence in the Gospel”, I write to tell you of an exciting development in one of our key strands – the Environment.

Luci Isaacson is joining us as our Diocesan Environment Officer on a consultancy basis for a period of two years and will be working the equivalent of a day and a half per week from the beginning of the year. Following a substantial endorsement at the Diocesan Synod in November, Luci will be working with the Environment Core Group, under the chairmanship of Archdeacon Bill, at three levels

• Encouraging Individual responses as Christian disciples caring for God’s creation
• Supporting Parishes to reduce their Carbon Footprints
• Helping our Diocesan Boards and Committees fulfil the Fifth Mark of Mission

With Luci’s help, we will be able to build on the green shoots of Environmental action already undertaken across the Diocese, such as individuals and households who are making personal choices to “live more simply so that others may simply live” and those churches that have invested in renewable energy like St Wenn, who now share a Biomass Renewable Energy boiler with their community school.

This letter comes to you, very fittingly, at Epiphanytide, the time when in the visit of the Magi, the world comes to worship Jesus. ‘Think global, Act local’ is a strap line of the Environmental Movement and this is a good motto for us at the start of a new year. Having just celebrated the world wide significance of Christmas we can turn to practical actions we can undertake in our particular situations. Those Magi were also known as wise and we need the wisdom of those light bulb moments in which we see the world around us more clearly, as if through God’s eyes, and to respond accordingly.


Luci Isaacson MSc was the coordinator for the “Footsteps to Copenhagen” campaign in 2009, and managed to encourage people in Cornwall to sign up so that over 4488 carbon-reducing pledges were made by individuals and organisations. She then managed the Carbon Logic Project which invited 10 high profile trusted messengers to do the pledges and calculated how much CO2 had been saved by doing them.  The results were remarkable, and showed how much it is possible to achieve with a creative and engaging campaign.  The Carbon Logic report containing all the details wheeled its way to Paris for the UN Climate Change Conference last year, in the saddle bags of four men who cycled from Truro to Paris.
Luci runs Climate Vision, a social enterprise, and is Chair of Cornwall Community Flood Forum, with a background in waste management, environmental campaigning and mobilisation of people to turn words into actions. She is looking forward to working with everyone across the whole diocese soon and aims to help communities prepare for current and future climate challenges together.

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