Thy Kingdom Come!

Dear All

Resources available to help your parishes participate in THY KINGDOM COME

  1. Please find attached a digital copy of the poster advertising the Cathedral beacon event on Sunday 28th May.  Hard copies are available from the Cathedral Offices or Archdeacon’s House in Bodmin.  Please advertise this event through your pewsheets, magazines, websites and facebook pages.  It is a fully ecumenical event, and people are welcome to attend any or all the services.
  2. The novena ‘pocket prayer’ booklets for this year are now available:

They contain a painting, biblical passage, and a prayer for each of the 9 days.  They cost 75p each for 20+, or 60p each for 100+.  Why not club together with neighbouring parishes or denominations to purchase 100+?  Even if people are unable to attend local or diocesan events, they can pledge to pray during this period for people to come to know Jesus.

  1. There are some excellent videos available on the TKC website now.  The latest ( ) is particularly relevant in reminding us of the power of prayer.
    If you haven’t already seen the video used by the Archbishop to launch this year’s ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ it can be found here:
    Do share the links to these videos with other people, and encourage them to join in.
  2. If you are organising prayer events locally (ecumenically, or as a deanery, or as a cluster) please make sure they are included in the TKC events page – so that others know what is going on:
  3. Other resources on the Thy Kingdom Come website include:
    1. Videos and sessions to learn about sharing our faith
    2. Ideas for churches to take part in this special 9 days:
    3. Resources for individuals:
    4. Resources for families and young people:


If there is anything you would like to ask about the ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ period, please get in touch.

All the best,



The Ven Audrey Elkington

Archdeacon of Bodmin



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