Flower Festival ….

BI-ANNUAL FESTIVAL of Flowers was held at Morwenstow’s ancient Parish Church
over the bank holiday weekend Friday 26th May to Monday 29th May entitled
“Flowers For All Occasions”. Members of the community provided twenty
vibrant displays, all of which portrayed an occasion. The following displays
were arranged by:
Harvest Festival: Edith and John Cleave
The World Cup: Morwenstow Football Club
Christening: Lynne Ward-Smith and Judith Smeeth
Grand National: Morwenstow Bell Ringers
Coming Home: Kilkhampton Church
Flora Day: Morwenstow Society
Christmas: Shop Chapel
Remembrance Day: Jill Wellby (Old Vicarage)
Summer: Hartland Church
21st Birthday: Morwenstow Women’s Institute
Bonfire Night: Sheila and Jane Ravine
Life’s Big Events: Sister Alison Hardy
May Pole: St Mark’s School
Happy Birthday To You: Morwenstow Community Centre
Festival Day: Morwenstow Men’s’ Institute
Pearl Wedding Anniversary: Bridget Inch
18th Birthday: Woodford Chapel
Golden Wedding Anniversary: Morwenstow S.M. Bowling Club
Spring: Morwenstow Parish Council
Autumn: Morwenstow Parochial Church Council
Pew ends were decorated for the occasion of a wedding by various Church
members and a rota of friends of the Church acted as door stewards over the
weekend. At 9.30am on the Sunday, Morning Prayer was led by Rev Richard
Ward-Smith. Bible readings were given by Ruth Heighton-Jackson and John
Cleave and the offertory was taken up by Shorne Tilbey. Thanks are given to
all those who contributed to the event in any way, particularly
Church-warden Margaret Inch for co-ordinating the Flower Festival and to all
the gifted flower arrangers for providing such stunning displays. Proceeds
amounting to over £600 were for Parish Church funds.
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